Vendor Credentialing

Vendor Credentialing

Most hospitals have begun using a vendor credentialing service to ensure vendor compliance to hospital guidelines. There has been a flurry of consolidation in the market and three companies have emerged as the leaders with more than 5,000 hospitals participating. There are three main vendor credentialing services: VCS, VendorMate and Reptrax.

Below we attempt to translate the most common vendor credentialing requirements and how our courses match up. We have put together bundles that attempt to bundle all their requirements and save you some money. If your requirements are different from what we offer in our bundle, please feel free to email/call us and will put something together just for you!

Credentialing Bundle (5 Most Common Courses): HIPAA; Bloodborne Pathogens & Universal Precautions for Infection Control; Aseptic Techniques; Introduction to the Operating Room; and Ethics and Compliance.

Everything Bundle: Includes every course we have!

Vendor Credentialing Services   HIPAA Exams
HIPAA = Advanced HIPAA Training
Bloodborne Pathogens = Bloodborne / Universal Bundle
Universal Precautions = Bloodborne / Universal Bundle
Aseptic Techniques = Aseptic Techniques
OR Protocols = Intro. to the O.R.
Electrical Safety = Electrical Safety
Fire Safety = Fire Safety
National Patient Safety Goals = National Patient Safety Goals
Compliance/Ethics = Ethics and Compliance
Medical Device Reporting = FDA Reporting for Safer Medical Device
Product Service Training = This is training on YOUR product or service.


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