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HIPAA Exams, Inc. is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

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Our HIPAA certificate training has become the industry standard in HIPAA compliance training. Our HIPAA certificate program is used by large networks, single practitioner doctor offices, and even universities. Worcester University uses it in their Occupational Therapy Department programs.

Our HIPAA Certificate includes reference to: HIPAA Privacy, Security, HITECH, ARRA and Omnibus 2013. There is a verifiable number and digital signature along with your name. There is also a direct phone number for verification.







HIPAA Certificate of Completion: Immeasurable Value

If you deal with patient’s protected health information (PHI), you must make every effort to gain a HIPAA Certificate of completion.  

This achievement will not only ensure employers that you have a solid understanding of the HIPAA Standards, but also assure them that you know the consequences of violations to these standards.

The most valuable benefits of this achievement include what you personally will gain. A HIPAA Certificate of completion will:

  • Strengthen your self-confidence in applying the HIPAA standards daily in your job. You will be able to deal with patient privacy issues confidently with a more informed understanding of how the Privacy and Security Rules apply to each situation.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the many distinctions of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules that apply to protecting patient privacy and at the same time guide health care providers in the proper way to handle electronic PHI.
  • Assure your understanding of a “breach” of ePHI and what you must do to identify, report, and mitigate damage to avoid penalties.
  • Help you to protect and abide by the confidentiality safeguards of the Security Rule that inform you how to keep information exchanged in an intimate medical relationship from being disclosed to third parties.
  • Ensure your ability to abide by the procedural and technical measures of the Security Rule required to prevent unauthorized access, modification, use, and dissemination of PHI stored or processed in a computer system.

HIPAA Certificate

Completion cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  The importance of a HIPAA Certificate of completion is proof that you have gained a sound knowledge and understanding of the value on protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and security of individual, identifiable, health information.

What is the minimum necessary standard for safeguards? CEs must have policies and procedures in place that limit who within the entity has access to PHI and under what conditions, based upon job responsibilities and nature of business. This does not apply to disclosures, including oral disclosures, among health care providers for treatment. Example: Physician is not required to apply the minimum necessary standard when discussing a patient’s medical chart with an outside specialist.

Minimum necessary Standard

Requires a CE to limit who within the entity has access to PHI, based on who needs access to perform their job. Example: If a hospital employee is permitted to have routine, unimpeded access to patients’ medical records, where such access is not necessary for the hospital employee to do his job, the hospital is not applying the minimum necessary standard. Any incidental use or disclosure that results from this practice, such as another worker overhearing the hospital employee’s conversation about a patient’s condition, would be an unlawful use or disclosure under the Privacy Rule.

When does the minimum necessary standard not apply? Disclosures or requests by a health care provider for treatment purposes. Disclosures to the individual who is the subject of the information. Uses or disclosures made following an individual’s authorization. Compliance with the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Rules. Uses or disclosures that are required by other law. Implementation specifications for this provision require a CE to develop and implement policies and procedures appropriate for its own organization, reflecting the entity’s business practices and workforce. Classes of persons within CE who need access to PHI to do their jobs. Categories or types of PHI needed Conditions appropriate to such access. Example: Hospitals may implement policies that permit doctors, nurses, or other involved in treatment to have access to the entire medical record, as needed. Case-by-case review of each use is not required.

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