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HIPAA Guidelines on Telemedicine: A Complete Guide

In February of 2020, the CDC noted that the level of telemedicine visits skyrocketed to about 154 percent more than in 2019.
No doubt, with the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world, the need for socially […]

Texting Violation of HIPAA

Imagine you have a thriving medical practice, but your patients want to receive information about their records via text. You learn that you can text your patients, but you need to follow HIPAA rules.
Luckily, […]

Dangers of Poor Communication in Healthcare

Why did you go into healthcare? Did you want to help people? What about communicating with others? Communication in healthcare may seem unimportant, but it can be a big deal.
Poor communication can lead to […]

Why is HIPAA Important? A Complete Guide

HIPAA protects the privacy and personal health information of patients, but that’s not all that it does. Without HIPAA, the medical industry would be one big sham.
Some of the other things that HIPAA can […]

Proposed Rule to Replace Meaningful Use With Advancing Care Information

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services released a set of proposed rules that would replace the current Meaningful Use program for Medicare physicians with the Advancing Care Information program. According to […]