OSHA Violations

The Benefits of Needle Exchange Programs

Do you work with intravenous drug users? Have you wondered about access to safer options for them? A needle exchange program may be the solution your patients need.
The program can provide access to clean […]

Understanding the Different Methods of Bloodborne Pathogens Transmission


If you’re looking to join the medical field, it’s very important to understand the various methods of pathogens transmissions. But that’s only the beginning.
Knowing where potential infections come from is great, but knowing how […]

What is the Importance of Bloodborne Pathogens Training?

Imagine you have an excellent day at work, but you have a patient come in and they admit to having hepatitis C. You know you need to help the patient with their current problem, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Complying With OSHA’s General Duty and Reporting Obligations During the Pandemic

Have you had employees have to stay home from work because they felt sick? Did you later learn that they got COVID-19? If so, you may not be following OSHA’s General Duty and Reporting […]

OSHA Complaint: Some Texas Businesses Fail to Comply During COVID-19

Across the nation, people are returning to work. Small businesses are opening their doors once more. This process is something small business owners have wholeheartedly anticipated.
But reopening the nation brings with it new considerations. Especially regarding […]

State Says City of Youngstown, Ohio Violated Health and Safety Regulations for COVID-19

As much of the country moved to working remotely in March 2020, firefighters didn’t have that option. Unfortunately, one city in Ohio didn’t give firefighters the training or equipment necessary to work safely.
Youngstown, Ohio, […]