What is HIPAA training?

Organizations who must abide by HIPAA standards for compliance need to fully understand what is required of them. HIPAA training is a requirement to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what to do, what not to do and the legal ramifications that could occur by breaking HIPAA laws.

What exactly does HIPAA training entail?

HIPAA training assists healthcare entities implement their privacy and security policies. The HIPAA guidelines are complex and can be difficult to decipher. Every organization needs proof that their employees have been trained before accessing healthcare records. This means covered entities and business associates have to provide training, from the smallest doctor’s office to large healthcare institutions. As a rule, HIPAA training should be ongoing, but at the least, annually.

All of these courses should include an overall introduction to HIPAA, the use and disclosure of PHI, HIPAA privacy and security, HIPAA and state laws, becoming HIPAA compliant and more detailed aspects of the law. Working with a third-party agency or HIPAA specialist can help establish a training schedule and help the entity with HIPAA compliance.