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Faculty: Becca Kalivas, RN BSN


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The Aseptic Techniques Training offered by HIPAA Exams provides comprehensive online instruction for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in aseptic techniques. Through this course, participants will learn the principles and practices necessary to maintain a sterile environment and prevent the spread of infection or contamination during medical procedures, laboratory work, and other sterile settings. The course requires completion of the entire module, passing an exam with a score of 80% or higher, and submitting an evaluation form to demonstrate successful completion. By enrolling in this online course, participants can enhance their understanding of aseptic techniques, thereby improving patient safety and quality of care.

Course includes a video and audio component with stand-alone exam


What is aseptic technique?

Aseptic technique refers to a set of practices and procedures used to prevent the introduction or spread of microorganisms that could cause infection or contamination.

What is aseptic technique used for?

Aseptic technique is used to create and maintain a sterile field and minimize the risk of introducing pathogens or other microorganisms in a sterile environment, such as during medical procedures, laboratory work, or in cleanrooms.

What are the benefits of aseptic technique training?

The goal of aseptic technique training is to minimize the risk of infection by preventing the transfer of harmful microorganisms between individuals, surfaces, and equipment. Aseptic technique is vital in healthcare settings, laboratory work, and other environments where a sterile field is required to prevent infection or contamination. By following these practices and procedures, healthcare professionals, laboratory personnel, and others can significantly reduce the risk of introducing harmful microorganisms into sterile areas or onto patients or samples.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe why asepsis is important in the health care setting
  • List the difference between medical and surgical asepsis
  • Recall the chain of infection
  • Identify methods of decreasing the spread of infection
  • List the steps in routine hand hygiene and a surgical hand scrub
  • Compare the different ways one can correctly apply sterile gowns and gloves
  • Explain the main principles of surgical asepsis

Table of Contents

Aseptic Technique

Table of Contents:

  • Aseptic Technique
  • Legal Notice
  • Purpose of Course
  • Learning Objectives
  • An Introduction to Asepsis
  • Microorganisms that Cause Infections
  • The Chain of Infection
  • Antiseptics, Disinfectants, and Sterilization
  • OSHA's Universal Precautions and CDC's Standard Precautions
  • Main Elements of Standard Precautions
  • CDC's Transmission-Based Precautions
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Routine Hand Hygiene
  • Hand Hygiene Using Alcohol-Based Antiseptic Hand Rub
  • Sterile/Surgical Hand Hygiene
  • Traditional Surgical Hand Scrub
  • Surgical Hand Scrub Using Alcohol-Based Rub
  • Applying and Removing Sterile Gowns and Gloves
  • Purpose of Sterile Gowns and Gloves
  • Open Method for Applying Sterile Gloves
  • Closed Method for Applying Sterile Gown and Gloves
  • Assisted Method for Applying Sterile Gloves
  • Important Considerations for Applying Sterile Gowns and Gloves
  • Removing Sterile Gown and Gloves
  • Surgical Asepsis
  • Principles of Surgical Asepsis
  • End of Course Quiz


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