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Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

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Faculty: Keitha Fowler HR SME BS

Successful Completion: Complete entire module, complete the exam with a passing score of 80% or better, and complete the evaluation form
Estimated Time to Complete Activity: 60 minutes
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This training course will define sexual harassment and related terms. Employees will know how to respond to and identify sexual harassment. Employees will also understand their role in preventing sexual harassment.

Course includes a video and audio component with stand-alone exam.


  • Define sexual harassment
  • Recall the laws that protect victims against sexual harassment
  • Explain how to respond to and recognize sexual harassment situations
  • Discuss your Individual role in preventing sexual harassment


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Sexual Harassment for Non-Managers

Table of Contents:

  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Legal Notice
  • Purpose and Learning Objectives
  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Sexual Harassment: The Law
  • Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Forms of Sexual Harassment
  • Effects of Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • If You are a Victim of Sexual Harassment
  • If You Witness Sexual Harassment
  • Conclusion
  • End of Course Exam

Topic Discussion

Every company should have a sexual harassment policy in place, but knowing the employer’s role in this scenario can assist if there are any allegations or situations where sexual harassment should be reported. Creating a workplace free of harassment should be a major priority of the Human Resources department, but it all starts with a working policy. Here are some elements that should be included in every sexual harassment policy:

  • Statement
  • Every policy should begin with a statement position to convey the sentiments of the organization and their views on sexual harassment. A letter from the president or CEO should outline the ramifications of sexual harassment and reinforce the company’s stance against this type of behavior.
  • Definition
  • Your company policy should clearly outline what is considered sexual harassment. This definition should include illegal acts, requests for sexual favors, and any unwanted verbal or physical contact and unwanted advances. This should also include prohibition of any behavior that will interfere with work performance or actions that will create an intimidating or hostile work environment.
  • Non-Retaliation
  • The policy should have a written statement on non-retaliation and the company’s intent to protect anyone who reports sexual harassment or allegations of this kind. Any type of retaliation should be taken seriously, with actionable steps in place to deal with employees who violate this policy.
  • Procedures
  • The policy should outline what will occur once the incident has been reported. There should also be wording to explain to all employees the consequences of sexual harassment if the allegations are found to be true. Training programs should accompany any procedures and policies that have been put into effect to ensure every employee is aware and cannot negate their knowledge of the standing policy.
  • Investigation
  • The policy should clearly outline what occurs during an investigation and steps that will be taken to resolve the issues. The policy should encourage all employees to come forward if they feel they are victims of sexual harassment. The policy should be unbiased and neutral, giving the employee confidence that the situation will be handled.
  • Reporting protocols
  • Protocols for reporting sexual harassment should be clearly delineated in the policy to ensure that victims of sexual harassment know where to go and who to contact. An employee should never feel as if they have no recourse and no one to speak to. There should be a timetable on the investigative procedures following any report of sexual harassment.

This is a very serious issue and should be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. All allegations of sexual harassment should be immediately addressed and have an air of discretion. Although this may present uncomfortable situations, every effort should be made to protect the employee who has reported the issue. Every person in an administrative position of authority should be well aware of the policy and their role in assisting to enforce it. Every employee should sign and agree that they have read and understood the policy. This will help create a safe culture and environment, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the protection of their employees.


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