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Understand OSHA's standards concerning first aid in the workplace. Establishing a comprehensive first-aid program involves recognizing and evaluating potential workplace hazards that may necessitate immediate on-site treatment prior to medical assistance.

This course identifies the essential supplies for a well-equipped first aid kit, fundamental procedures to follow for both conscious and unconscious individuals, and guidance on obtaining suitable first-aid training.


Who Is Responsible For First Aid In The Workplace?

OSHA holds employers responsible for ensuring that employees will receive immediate attention if they become ill or injured at work. That means making sure first aid supplies are adequately stocked and reasonably accessible, that there is sufficient access to medical or first aid, and that any first aid training is kept up-to-date.

How Many First Aid Kits Are Required In The Workplace?

OSHA requires first aid supplies to be readily available in workplaces without an infirmary, clinic, or hospital nearby.

Unfortunately, OSHA doesn't provide many details regarding placement or number of first aid kits. They maintain that it's an employer's responsibility to assess the needs of their particular workplace and tailor first aid kits to their workplace's specific needs.

Occupational Safety and Health experts recommend you take several factors into account when calculating the number of first aid kits for your workplace, including the size and complexity of the worksite, the number of employees, and your workplace's risk level.

Check with your state or local jurisdiction in case there are more specific requirements where you operate.

How Often Should First Aid Kits Be Checked In The Workplace?

According to 29 CFR 1910.269(b)(3), the contents of first aid kits must be inspected "at least once per year" and at least "frequently enough to ensure that expended items are replaced." You also need to check expirations and replace expired items as necessary.

The necessary frequency will vary somewhat from workplace to workplace. In most workplaces, this will be every few months, with extra restocking after significant usage of supplies.

Where Should First Aid Kits Be Stored In The Workplace?

According to OSHA, first aid supplies should be located in an easily accessible area. They've clarified that first aid providers should generally not need to travel through several doorways, hallways, and/or stairways to access first aid supplies.

Safety and health experts often recommend that every employee's work area should be within 60 seconds of a first aid kit.

First Aid kits should be in a clearly visible place and marked with a highly visible first aid sign.

Make sure first aid kits are stored away from any work activities that involve flying debris or temperature extremes that may damage the supplies inside. OSHA specifies that supplies should be placed in weatherproof containers if the supplies could be exposed to weather.

Who Offers CPR And First Aid Training In The Workplace?

There are many organizations that can provide first aid and CPR training for your workplace. Employers are responsible for determining the appropriate level of first aid training for a worksite based on the level of risk, distance from medical services, and other factors. Some workplaces can get by with an online course covering the basics, while others may require more extensive hands-on training from organizations like the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

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