We have been involved in Hospital Vendor Credentialing since the very beginning. We started offering JCAHO training courses in 2001 and transitioned into credentialing training as soon as hospitals started requiring training courses. We have worked with every major credentialing service and have submitted thousands of certificates to all of them without issue.

Our vendor credentialing courses are used by Steris, Sunovion, Integra, and hundreds of other medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Contact us today for references. Contact Greg Garner at 888-362-2288 x704.

Unbeatable Pricing

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We offer simple pricing with no setup fees. Our prices include access to all 12 credentialing courses (view list) accepted by Reptrax, VendorMate, DocuReps and Symplr (VCS) Credentialing Services:

Number of Users Price per User
1 - 250 $39.00
250 - 500 $34.00
500 + $29.00

Lease Our Content to Host on Your LMS
$5,000 per course per year
$30,000 for entire credentialing bundle per year

Get Access to the 12 Most Required Training Courses

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Our Credentialing Bundle (view list) includes the most requested training courses for all the major credentialing services. Courses can be substitued to meet your specific requirements at no additional cost. Your reps will have 24x7 access from anywhere. Certificates can be printed, emailed or downloaded & saved as a PDF.

Upload User & Company Documents

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Create an unlimited number of document types and upload user specific documents such as vaccination records, background checks, etc. Documents can be hidden or made available for printing, downloading or emailing by the specific user. Upload an unlimited number of company documents such as Company Certificate of Insurance and share them with users for printing, downloading or emailing.

Automatic Renewal Alerts

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Eleven months after a course has been completed, the user and the admin will start receiving notices that the course needs to be renewed. We try to ensure you are never out of compliance.

Cloud-based and Mobile Ready

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Users can access the system and courses from any device, any time. All documents and certificates can be printed, downloaded or emailed so there is never a time they can't access them.

Admin Access: Certificate Printing Tracking and Reporting

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Admins have the ability to: add/edit users; assign courses; view and print certificates; upload user & company documents; and view detailed reports. Reports can also be exported to Excel.